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Faik Celik opening its atelier started to make molds for stove industry and then for the automotive industry. Serial component production was started in 1983 for the automotive industry in addition to the molds.

First joint-stock company: Beycelik Otomotiv S.A.

Faik Celik established Beycelik Otomotiv S.A.. At that period, he became the “best sub-industry provider” of Ford in addition to Tofas in a short period with the success recorded in the automotive.

Product range started to enlarge

Faik Celik added “steel panel radiator” to its production line. The production of Celikpan was started under the roof of Beycelik.

First international partner

Faik Celik leaping forward in automotive subsidiary industry established partnership with Italian Emarc.

Holding has been established

Extending its range in the industry, Faik Celik gathered the Celik Group of Companies under the roof of Faik Celik Holding Company, a move to assemble the operations under institutional structure.

Investment in new business areas

Following the establishment of the holding company, investments in new business areas were increased. Beyçelik Sigorta (Compay name changed to Bursa Çelik Sigorta in September 2020) was established.

Management office moved to Istanbul

Beyçelik Holding moved its management office to Istanbul Ataşehir.

Beycelik Gestamp was established

Beycelik Gestamp company was established as a partnership with Gestamp.

First investment in energy sector

Beyçelik Gestamp Renewable Energy (FC Enerji) has been established to operate in electricity production and trading fields.


Gesbey has been established to operate in the field of wind turbine tower manufacture.

First investment abroad

The Holding moving ahead for globalization realized first investment in abroad in Romania through Beyçelik Gestamp operating in automotive subsidiary industry.

Beyçelik Holding

Faik Çelik Holding adopted Beycelik as the name of Holding, being the first investment and first brand of the Group.

Publication of First Sustainability Report

Beyçelik Grup published its first Sustainability Report.

Present Day

The Holding operating in automotive, air conditioning, energy and insurance sectors through 23 companies and provides employement opportunities for over 5000 people.