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Beyçelik Group's Sustainability Policy

 Contributing to sustainable development, as well as continuously increasing the value we create for all our stakeholders constitute the basis of our sustainability approach. With this approach, we designate our main focuses for sustainability which we set forth in line with a system recognized by international standards, and manage relevant topics through our "Sustainability Policy". In parallel with our management perception, we show maximum effort to conduct our operations as per the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Accordingly, through the Sustainability Policy of Beyçelik Group of Companies, we undertake the following:

  • Developing sustainable products and services with quality and safety features that will maximize the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their expectations
  • Managing our operations and relations with our stakeholders with a corporate management perception based on transparency and accountability which continuously observes business ethics
  • Proactively and continuously assessing risks for our priorities, and taking actions when needed
  • Implementing practices that will extend our business ethics, quality and sustainability approach in our entire value chain, particularly our supply chain
  • Improving our stakeholders in our value chain
  • Maintaining our performance by managing our R&D, innovation and digitalization processes through continuous development and improvement; and contributing to improvement of resources by extending use of artificial intelligence in our business processes
  • Uninterruptedly implementing productivity and improvement procedures to reduce / minimize our environmental impact as part of fight against climate change
  • Uninterruptedly implementing operational excellence projects to ensure efficient use of resources
  • Working in the light of national and international standards to improve our performance of Occupational Health and Safety
  • Continuously diversifying our modern human resources practices to become an employer preferred by employees
  • Providing equal opportunities for our employees while also giving them the opportunity to continuously develop themselves
  • Fighting against all kinds of discrimination, and practices such as forced and compulsory labor and child employment under the guidance of universal human rights
  • Fulfilling social responsibility projects that will improve our society and contribute to its welfare.