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The Beyçelik Holding’s social responsibility project called My Mind is on Innovation with Beyçelik aims to encourage children aged 8-11 to think creatively and innovatively, and to develop their brainstorming skills and ability to think out of the box. The Innovation Workshops carried out to foster innovation and discovery in children begin with a fun and instructional game of creative thinking. Following the presentation called “What is Innovation, What is it Not?” the children brainstorm to come up with novel ideas that will serve as a solution model for a problem defined in the automotive, energy, and climate control industries. The teams develop their solution and then make presentations where they explain their solution models. The workshops draw attention to creative and innovative thinking and develop children’s brainstorming skills and their ability to think out of the box. The children here solve complex problems and learn how to be open to alternatives when faced with new situations.

A stage play called “The Magic Walking Stick” written specially for the My Mind is on Innovation with Beyçelik project is centered on three friends called Aslı, Şule, and Emre preparing a surprise birthday present for the neighbourhood’s young-spirited pensioner called Grandfather Yılmaz. The children come up with ideas to meet Grandfather Yılmaz’s need for a walking stick and they add functionality and creativity to their gift with the innovative ideas they develop. Not only do the children have fun with this delightful stage play, they also experience looking at problems from different perspectives.

The My Mind is on Innovation with Beyçelik project has a special part for parents, too. While the children are having fun in the workshops, their parents can watch an educational video called “How Can we Raise Innovative Children?” specially prepared for this project by the instructor.