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Talent Retaining and Evaluation process covers the Performance Management, Career Planning, Compensation and Benefits Management to support them.

Performance Management System is a system in which company and individual performance are measured. In the Performance Management process; it is aimed to create a measurable system with an distinctive and holistic approach, measuring success in a fair and realistic way and supporting the development. Performance Management results support development planning, compensation and benefit management and career planning processes.

Within the framework of Career Planning and Development Management, planning is carried out for career and development taking into account the potential and performance of each employee in a manner to provide equal opportunity for everyone. With this process that is carried out throughout the year, succession, potential pooling, promotion and rotation processes are carried out effectively for critical positions.

In the Compensation and Benefits Management, evaluation is made that supports the company strategies in accordance with the size of the work and the structure of the industry with a competitive and fair approach and the systems are established in accordance with the positions determined. Individual based wages are reviewed annually within the direction of individual performance results,   researches, economic indicators, the company’s ability to pay and internal balance.